[DevFund] GoByte Development Q1 2020


Proposal : Q1 of 2020 >> GoByte Development

Description :

All the funds will go towards the long continuous development of the following:

#1 GoByte ElectrumX Client + Server coding and integration

  • Trezor will be integrated here.
  • Ledger will be integrated here.

#2 GoByte Desktop Wallets UI/UX design

#3 GoByte Desktop Wallet new functions development

  • Governance tab and functions (Voting, Seeing results, Seeing proposals, etc)
  • Exchanges tab and functions (Exchange pairs infos, Price check, Convertor, etc)
  • Explorer tab and functions (Search blocks, transactions, see infos, etc)

#4 GoByte Website rebranding and design

  • New website to represent our vision.
  • Interactive and better detailed roadmap.
  • Documentations for running nodes, mining, using the wallet, etc.

#5 GoByte Mobile wallets UI/UX design

  • Planned for 2020

#6 GoByte Mobile wallets development

  • Planned for 2020

#7 GoByte Masternode tool development

  • Trezor will be integrated here.
  • Ledger will be integrated here.
  • Run masternodes from Hardware Wallets.
  • Manage masternodes from Hardware Wallets.
  • Setup masternodes just by using a few clicks, on Hardware Wallets

#8 GoByte Ledger Nano S integration

#9 GoByte Whitepaper re-writting

  • Current whitepaper does not represent our vision anymore.

#10 GoByte Ambassador program

  • We need people to spread out the word about us.
  • We need to expand our community.

#11 GoByte Proof-of-Work algorithm development/change (Maybe)

  • Current algorithm (NeoScrypt) is not very profitable.
  • Current algorithm is GPU dependent.
  • Current algorithm can be FPGA mined.
  • Current algorithm can be found on NiceHash.

Governance Link : https://masternodes.gobyte.network/proposaldetails.html?proposalhash=04d98aff623af11e5fd10fdba64c96f0147e495ddbd4cbffdc83a8c6613ca90a

Infos : The work will be done continuously and no aproximated estimation can be made. It’s a planned roadmap for 2020 and we need funds to complete it and start the year in full force. For more infos please contact Antonio Moratti regarding the GoByte Foundation plans and members.

To Vote YES :
(From the QT wallet, open Console) gobject vote-many 04d98aff623af11e5fd10fdba64c96f0147e495ddbd4cbffdc83a8c6613ca90a funding yes

(From the gobyte-cli or masternode) ./gobyte-cli gobject vote-many 04d98aff623af11e5fd10fdba64c96f0147e495ddbd4cbffdc83a8c6613ca90a funding yes