The GOBYTE Developer Bounty Program


With the upcoming release of the new GOBYTE PAY features— GoByte Pay v2.0 — our efforts will be focused on building the GoByte ecosystem and developer community. Alongside the growth of our core community members and user-base, these next steps include building a brand new community for developers.

The developer community will become our focus point to unite developers, help them better participate and contribute in GoByte’s development as well as getting accustomed to the GoByte products and network.

Following GoByte’s core blockchain values — open-source and decentralization — GoByte hopes more and more developers can participate and contribute in the project’s development.

Today we are launching the GOBYTE Developer Bounty Program and inviting all developers to join. Any developer can participate, contribute and earn rewards and bounties for their efforts in contributing to the development of the GOBYTE project and ecosystem. This is the first of three bounty programs, with the launch of our Bug/Exploit Bounty(on HackerOne) and GoByte Ambassador program to be released in 2019. Together we will maximize the value of blockchain and the potential of the GOBYTE network!

By joining GoByte’s groups on Discord , Telegram or by following GoByte’s official account on Medium and Twitter , developers can see all the latest missions and claim the bounties.

The Incentive Program will be also on GOBYTE’s official website shortly after the new interface, allowing developers to easily work on and claim the bounties.

What are the missions developers can participate in?

Primary Task 1: Hardware Wallet Integration

Development of hardware wallet integration which relates to GOBYTE’s mainnet Token management.

Tasks include:

  • key management
  • token and transaction management


Range of Bounties: 10,000–40,000 GBX


Range of Bounties: 10,000–40,000 GBX

-Nano Ledger

Range of Bounties: 10,000–40,000 GBX

Task 2: GOBYTE Automation Testing & Statistics Toolkit

Tasks include:

  • Application programming interface (API) testing
  • Unit Tests
  • Integration Tests
  • TPS Tests
  • Node/Masternode Tests
  • Transaction statistics
  • Fees statisctics
  • Nodes & Masternodes statistics
  • And others

Range of Bounties: 7,000–24,000 GBX

Future Task will be announced on our Website, Medium Blog, Twitter and Discord.

How developers can claim missions

Release of missions

At 19:00 (GMT+2) on every Monday, GOBYTE will update the missions on Discord (, these updates will be synchronized on GoByte’s Telegram group (English channel), Medium (English channel), and Github.

By filling out the application form, developers can claim missions. Once submitted, the GOBYTE team will contact the applicants.

Application form for development projects:

Bounty mechanism for referrals

GOBYTE has also set up a bounty mechanism for referrals. People can recommend qualified developers to GOBYTE and claim a referral bounty. Once the projects are completed by the recommended team, the referrer will receive 3% of the total budget for the project’s development.

Mission rewards

The amount of rewards will be determined by period and complexity of each project. Once the incentive program is available on the official website, we will continue to launch more incentive mechanisms.

Mission progress and completion

At 19:00 every Friday (GMT+2), GOBYTE will collect information of development progress for each project and reward developers for completed bounties. Developers need to inform GOBYTE about their progress before 19:00 Thursday (GMT+2) to be qualified for project review and payment.

Updates of development projects will be published on Twitter, Telegram (Russian and English channel), Github and Medium.

Developer ranking mechanism

After performance evaluations of each development project, developers will be scored and ranked. These scores will then be used to weigh applicants. Developers who repeatedly complete high-quality projects will have a higher chance for long-term collaboration with GOBYTE and receive higher rewards.

Performance will be evaluated and ranked at 19:00 (GMT+2) at the end of each month. The top three developers by rank will be rewarded with “Elite Developers” status and gain other GOBYTE special gifts.

Quality control and risk management

Once the project is submitted, the team will review the quality of each project. If a developer/development team encounters problems which may cause delay to deadlines or cannot continue the development, the developer/ development team needs to inform GOBYTE in advance and explain the situation. Uncompleted projects will not be rewarded.

Once the project is submitted, GOBYTE owns full copyrights and developers/ development teams cannot use the projects and their contents for other commercial uses.

For any questions, comments or to get involved, join our Telegram channel on Telegram here: